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The Resonant Sciences Adaptable Zonal Radar (RAZR) is the state-of-the-art in fixed and fieldable RCS measurement systems. RAZR utilizes a Quarterbranch RM2 radar as its backbone along with the RAZR Array on a robotic arm and omnidirectional base. The base RAZR system generates high resolution 2D RCS images and offers an upgrade path to 3D RCS.

RAZR integrates an optical scanning capability utilizing Target-as-a-Reference for precision positioning with respect to the physical target. The with the mobile base positioned within reach, the RAZR robot arm repeatably re-positions the RAZR array with respect to the target for consistently repeatable measurements.

RAZR is entirely self-contained as a single unit and requires no assembly at the test site. The RAZR system articulates into a compact storage position and can be driven into a trailer as a single unit for ground transport. RAZR can also be placed into a transport container with minimal disassembly for air transportation. RAZR can be deployed from the transport trailer by a single operator – simply unstrap and drive the unit out. RAZR's system is pre-configured with removable hard drives and appropriate letters of volatility to meet security requirements for collection of classified data.

FP22-05692-0007_cropped.jpg 047A1407FSC.jpg RAZR-4.jpeg Razr6.png Razr10.png Razr9.png Razr16.png Razr14.png Razr4.png Razr2.png Razr-trailer.png IMG_0373-Edit.jpg IMG_0319-Edit.jpg IMG_0305-Edit.jpg IMG_0263-Edit.jpg IMG_0349-Edit.jpg IMG_0275-Edit-with-trailer.jpg

Current Applications

RAZR supports various platforms including bomber size vehicles, fighter size vehicles, and weapons of various sizes.

RAZR also supports subsystem development including antennas/radomes, aircraft engines, structures, and materials. Linear zonal measurements as well as rotator-based test body mounted targets are supported. Measurements can be accomplished in limited space, often considered traditionally un-usable for RCS measurements.

Key features

RAZR uses the state of the art, QuarterBranch RM2 Instrumentation Radar. There are more than 60 QuarterBranch radar systems currently in use across US with over 20 additional systems slated for installation in facilities or use within RAZRs within the next 18 months.

RAZR utilizes array-based RCS data collection. This means no moving parts during collection, guaranteeing maximum stability and repeatability. The electronically scanned array also provides the path to 3D and future real-time imaging.

RAZR's complete mobility and positioning freedom via the omni-wheel cart and robot arm is one of its most unique features enabling precision position in close quarters such as hangers and production facilities.

Target-as-a-Reference optical positioning allows precisely positioned collected data to be directly compared in a before/after evaluation of matters such as repair effectiveness, damage impact, hardware configuration, aging, etc.


The RAZR chassis and array are surrounded by independent programable laser safety sensors to protect people and hardware during operation. Sensors independently prohibit human and software induced collisions between the mobile base as well as the array during manual as well as automated movement and positioning.

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Learn More

There is much more to tell you about RAZR and its amazing current capabilities as well as soon to come advanced capabilities. To learn more and schedule your own briefing with our design team, please contact us.

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