Resonant Sciences Dayton Ohio

Aerospace Manufacturing

Resonant Sciences has a state-of-the-art aerospace fabrication center. Our facilities include multiple high bay manufacturing areas, composite labs, large cleanroom, various ovens and environmental chambers, autoclaves, and machining centers for the fabrication of advanced aerospace structures.

Our engineers and technicians have a wealth of experience designing, building, and delivering integrated aerospace solutions through involvement with many platforms and applications over the past thirty years. Because our products are designed, manufactured, and tested in-house, all of our products incorporate design-for-manufacturing, producibility, and repeatability, resulting in a higher quality end product. As an example, all concepts designed and developed at Resonant Sciences are modeled and undergo a Monte Carlo simulation to analytically evaluate producibility prior to being manufactured. This approach results in low risk, robust designs. We are proud of our proven record transitioning our designs from laboratory prototypes to fielded hardware to support our war fighter.

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