Resonant Sciences Dayton Ohio

Instrumentation Radars

Resonant Sciences' QuarterBranch Technologies Division is leading the instrumentation radar measurement community.

Resonant Sciences is the premier provider of instrumentation radars and support services. Our flagship system, RadarMan, is the industry leading high-speed, broadband pulsed-IF radar system covering 0.1-40 GHz. RadarMan, available for purchase or lease, includes in the base system a full-featured offline radar data processing software package capable of processing data in real-time via a live link to the RadarMan data collection software.

RadarMan II

The RadarMan product is a compact, lightweight, pulsed-IF acquisition system that is engineered to be cost-effective, highly reliable, and supportable at a level not achievable in other mainstream RCS acquisition systems. These key elements revolve around the remarkably unique architecture and physical package contained in our product in contrast to other pulsed-IF acquisition systems. RadarMan is available for purchase or lease.

Frequency Synthesizer

At a fraction of the cost, weight, and power consumption of competing products, our fast-switching synthesizer covers 2-18 GHz. It is compatible with RadarMan as well as a drop-in replacement for other radar and antenna measurement systems.



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